How to use CBD Oil Vs CBD Cream for Maximum Results For Joint and Arthritis Pain

CBD OilThe question is always asked, CBD Oil or CBD Cream for pain (Which one is Better and why?) We will break down and explain the differences between the two, CBD Oil and CBD Cream. First let’s discuss pain, and how CBD can help. We know that CBD (Cannabinoid) does not produce any psychoactive effects, meaning that it does not create the typical high and euphoria that is linked with marijuana. Instead, the cannabinoids from the marijuana plant help to increase the body’s utilization and direct response in assisting processes like sleep regulation, pain control, and immune system responses.

Consuming CBD by using the tincture oil under the tongue (sublingual), or using CBD cream like CBD Pain Away, the body is encouraged to administer its already present endocannabinoids more efficiently, in turn, greater regulating its pain receptors, sleep patterns, and immune system. For this reason, many people are opening up and finding great success in treating their pain with the all-natural and non-psychoactive cannabidiol oil like CBDLifeLInk and Pain Away CBD Cream…

The proof is in the pudding, and so let’s look at the 2016 European Journal of Pain which conducted a study on rat models to test CBD against arthritis. Was this an all-natural alternative to the common arthritis pain medications? Prescribed meds are linked with numerous uncomfortable and frustrating side effects which CBD is not.  The rats were treated for four days with four different doses of CBD gel, and the results were quite staggering.

The rats showed a significant decrease in inflammation, as well as significations of a lessening of pain, even after such a short duration of treatment. No side effects were noted as well, creating the conclusion that CBD might, in fact, act as a brilliant alternative for conventional arthritis medications and treatments.  Another article, in 2017 published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine conducted a study which concluded.

“In adults with chronic pain, patients who were treated with cannabis/ cannabinoids are more likely to experience a clinically significant reduction in pain symptoms.” 


WOW – this statement is quite impressive, as the development for the increasing of CBD usage and the tolerance towards CBD and CBD based products was acknowledged. In addition to these case studies, plenty of others exist from qualified professional sources, expressing the credibility of CBD oils, gels and creams in terms of pain management.

What Is CBD Cream and how does it work?

CBD creams like Pain Away CBD are produced with the extracted oils from the cannabis /hemp plant and infused into a topical base. They act upon the body’s naturally occurring CB2 receptors by binding with these components. The CB2 receptors are activated by either the body’s own, already present endocannabinoid system (ECS), or through the presence of phytocannabinoids, which are typically in the form of either CBD or THC.

Many topical creams and ointments contain small quantities of THC, but still will not cause the high tied to traditional cannabis because these cannabinoids do not enter the bloodstream. The cream is applied to the outside layer of skin and only penetrates to the depth of the CB2 receptors.

Ointments and salves differ from creams because of their texture and consistency.  Ointments can have great potency, but this does not have to always be the case. There is so much variety within the cannabis CBD vendor market. Some have claimed that ointments provide instant relief, acting quicker upon the body than salves or creams. Essentially the terms ointment and salve can be used interchangeably.

By definition, the term ointments must be infused with medicine, in this case CBD. Creams typically involve water or some type of aqueous substance as their base, while salves utilize only oils or waxes for their foundation. Ointments tend to contain a combination of oils, water and alcohols within their formulation.


What Is CBD Oil and How is it Used?  How to use CBD Oil

CBD oil differs from CBD creams and ointments.  CBD oil is produced in a different way and also consumed orally, by mouth through a dropper. The oils vary in potency, 500mg – 2500mg depending upon the source of extraction. Both industrial hemp and cannabis can be used to extract amounts of CBD. Potency is must always be understood and paid close attention to

CBD oils that are produced from industrial hemp are recognized as legal in all 50 United States.  Most vendors of CBD oil offer doorstep delivery, making it convenient and easy to receive your CBD purchases.

The purest method of CBD oil extraction is a complex process known as the CO2 extraction method and utilizes carbon dioxide under a high pressure environment and extremely low temperatures.

This combination retains the purity of the CBD compound, allowing quality products to be produced from the developed extracts. Much less pure methods that serve as an alternative to the complex CO2 method, includes ethanol or olive oil extraction- both can be successfully completed by amateurs, but the end result certainly does suffer.


Which Works Best – CBD Cream or CBD Oil?

For pain management, both topical and oral CBD work well. That being said, proving the most effective relief is when utilized and combined together. Oral CBD also assists in the diminishing of symptoms from anxiety, depression and other mental disorders, including insomnia. Topicals creams work brilliantly at reducing inflammation, arthritis, headaches, cramping and migraines. Some evidence has even shown that it can also heal eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and itching. As a reminder to all our readers, we must include the FDA disclaimer when discussing treatments and cures for any ailment.  * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

How Does CBD Work

CBD Oil or CBD Cream for Pain?

Both CBD oil and CBD cream products are unique. For regular folks, they have significant uses and throughout the medical world are being used more often than not.  They are both highly capable of  diminishing daily pain and discomforts, especially from arthritis and joint related issues.  This all-natural alternative to conventional medications can be affordable, available without a prescription, and does not produce any of the psychoactive or “high” effects that traditional marijuana can. CBD can be used any day of the week at any time of day.

Beyond pain management, CBD products have a multitude of other uses. Millions of consumers have already described in detail their immense success with cannabidiol. We hope you found this article helpful and entertaining, but also educational, informative and revealing.

It is important to remember that none of the statements made above have been reviewed by a medical professional and should not be interpreted as medical advice or guidance.